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House Raynham

Name:           House Raynham

Location:       Newlands, Cape Town

Status:           Completed 1967

The house has a spinal quality, outlined by its parallel garden wall which angles back from the street to form an entrance court beneath the trees.  Both the wall and the profile of the house carry one’s eye along from east to west, to the ramp which rises to the front door.


The diagonal of the ramp introduces the geometry of the house. In contrast to these diagonals is the vertical chimney axis – the strong hearth centre from which the house springs.


The architect says: “The vertical dimensions and the height of spaces, is very important.  What you experience inside as the volumes increase and decrease, is reflected externally and vice versa, increasing legibility”


On opening the front door the double volume hall and living room with large glass window and high slanting timber ceilings create a dramatic sense of space which is carried outwards over the garden, lawns and trees to the towering mountain.


By stepping each bedroom back individual privacy and effective screening from the living rooms was achieved. An activity centre for the children was created by considerably widening the passage to the children’s rooms. 


Materials used in this house are bagged whitewashed walls, brick floors in living areas, vinyl in the bedrooms, timber ceilings, concrete chimney stack and a copper roof with standing seams. 

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