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Stellenbosch Women’s Residence

Name:           Stellenbosch Women’s Residence

Location:       Stellenbosch

Status:           Completed 1970

When Gawie was asked to design a hostel for 600 Students in Stellenbosch, he suggested that it be placed between the two existing hostels Eendrag and Simonsberg.


The short side of the narrow erf faced North and so rooms were placed on either side of the building, folding the walls in concertina fashion so that each room would get sun. Spaces were created near the lifts for communal facilities where small groups could meet and interact.


The women’s residence for 600 students was planned as three separate buildings with common dining facilities, linked to each other with covered walkways. Double units were regarded as more economical.


Areas were planned for social interaction, which included the open roofs.

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