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The Castle

Name:           Cape of Good Hope Castle

Location:       Cape Town CBD

Status:           Completed 2016

This practice has worked for 30 years on the Castle, the oldest building in the country, built in 1666 – a typical VOC fortification of the time.  In order to gather information for the initial restoration work Gawie and Gwen Fagan travelled to Mauritius, Reunion, The Seychelles, Shri Lanka, India and Holland to examine other VOC fortifications.


Apart from general restoration / conservation work, important lost elements were reincorporated into the building including the moat, the Dolphin pool, the lion Gates, the figurines on the entrance gable and the stucco work above the Kat balcony.


Uncovering and restoring the original paint colours and wall painting were an important part of the conservation work. The practice co-ordinated the extensive maintenance and restoration contract of 2015.

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